We get tons of sponsorships requests each month, and we do our best to engage with the community through a number of local causes and organizations.

While we would like to align with all that is good, we are a small company that simply cannot support every event or fundraiser.

Please take a look at the following before submitting your request.

  • Any request for participation or sponsorship that is within 30 days of your event will be declined automatically. Please do not fill out the form if your event is within the next month.

  • Anything in support of youth related causes will be declined. While we would love to support these, at the end of the day we are a producer of alcoholic beverages, and sometimes our motives can be misconstrued as marketing to minors.

  • We will not support any individual athletes or sports teams. There are too many to say yes to all of them, and too hard to choose only a few.

  • We will only entertain requests for PEI based organizations, except for beer festivals.

  • What types of events and groups do we like to support? We have soft spots for local arts & culture, agricultural and environmental causes, and fun culinary events to name a few. If you have a neat sponsorship idea, drop us a line below and if we’d like to take part, we’ll get in touch.

*There may be exceptions to any of these rules.

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