est. 2017

About Us

Copper Bottom Brewing is a craft brewery owned by husband and wife team Ashley Condon & Ken Spears, both of whom share a passion for beer that spans more than two decades.

It all started back in 2003 when our Head Brewer, Ken Spears, began developing our award-winning recipes and coming up with a plan to build a brewery. Over the next 14 years, that plan turned into what we are today: a small, collaborative team, forever dedicated to the pursuit of making great beer.

Our Mission

We founded Copper Bottom with a clear intention: make beer that we'd want to drink, and do some good in the community.

For the past 6 years years we have been able to do what we love, while supporting causes in PEI that we're passionate about.

Our mission is to brew great beer, while creating a space for everyone to gather an enjoy the fruits of our labour. Wherever you find our beer, you'll find our people.

Our Standards

At Copper Bottom, we take quality seriously. We believe that great beers start with superior ingredients, which is why we choose the finest local malts and hops available. Through brewing and culinary techniques, we push flavours and aromas to the forefront of the 'why' we brew.

Our beer isn't just a reflection of our brewing philosophy, it's a beer that celebrates the hard work of our brewers, packaging team, and the wisdom of local farmers.

No matter how you choose to enjoy our product, we've taken great care into making a product you'll enjoy, every step of the way.