Rabble Rouser

Rabble Rouser

Red Ale | 5.4%

Every small town needs a little stirring up every once in a while. Our Rabble Rouser Red is a bold, crisp take on an old favourite. A malt forward beer that will stir the sense and leave your mouth tingling for more.

Hops take a backseat in this beer to let the malt character shine. An approachable red ale with a crisp toastiness, subtle notes of caramel and a clean, dry finish. Named in honour of the late Jim MacNeill, former owner-operator of our local newspaper, The Eastern Graphic.

Water, Barley, Hops, Yeast.

  • Where to Buy: Taproom + PEI Liquor Stores
  • Formats: 473ml Cans, Kegs

Pairing Suggestions

- Pulled Pork Sandwich
- Chili Con Carne
- Pecan Pie